GB7EL - East Lancs DMR Repeater

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GB7EL is the callsign of the East Lancs DMR Repeater which is located on a high spot in the Pendle District of Lancashire.

GB7EL became operational on 31st July 2015 - check the ‘latest news’ page for further information

The repeater operates on channel DVU57 transmitting on 439.7125MHz and receiving on 430.7125MHz, colour code 2.

GB7EL uses a Motorola DR3000 unit, the one shown in the photo.

While this type of repeater can be setup to relay analogue and/or digital signals, GB7EL is set to only respond to DMR transmissions so that it can be connected to the DMR network.

The Procomm duplexer is fitted in the unit (behind the fan and above the TX module on the right. The module on the left is the RX section).


The antenna in use is an end fed dipole from Skymasts Antennas in Northampton. This antenna is designed for professional base station use and has a mounting bracket cast in aluminium with stainless steel fittings.

The dipole is fed with LDF4-50 heliax and, as we are using single aerial working, it is connected to the repeater via the Procomm duplexer mentioned earlier.

The end fed dipole was chosen because its radiation pattern is superior to that of a centre fed dipole.

All of the equipment mentioned above has been purchased 'brand new' (at considerable cost) to avoid problems that often occur with 'previously used' equipment.

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